Another Book for the Big Data Crowd

October 19, 2012

My goodness. I am delighted that I am not a real journalist or a real publisher. We continue to learn about discounted or free books. The most recent book information came to us via David Barber (Happy Quack, to you, sir). The book is Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning. If you are a big data fan, Bayes, the wily cleric, has become one of the go to tools for many big data and analytics outfits. When systems learn, the deft Bayes’s methods are in play. I would like to explain the interesting consequences of such methods, but for now, you can get the discount at this link. The free version is available at

Stephen E Arnold, Beyond Search, a word pair now used by Microsoft, CNet, and Set Grimes. Well, well, well. Oops. That is a Markov chain trigger.


One Response to “Another Book for the Big Data Crowd”

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