CIOs Can Harness Company Intelligence with Proper Search Applications

October 23, 2012

An innovative list of CIO strategies regarding industry-specific issues was recently discussed in the article “Ten Strategic CIO Priorities for 2013” on ZDNet. The article was inspired by a list created by Bob Evans, senior vice-president of communications for Oracle Corp. Instead of a typical listing of hardware products and software applications, Evans’ strategy areas are meaningful and actionable.

Evans’ ideas include: “Unleash Your Company’s Intelligence: Create the Enterprise-Wide Opportunity Chain” and “Transform Big Data into Big Insights, Big Vision, and Big Opportunity.”

The article’s author comments on the list of priorities:

“Instead of a litany telling people how to spend money, this collection describes the goals and issues that help a CIO drive value in today’s world. For many CIO’s, these points represent the future path forward; when I talk with innovative CIOs — the best and most forward thinking — it’s obvious the issues are exciting because they hold the key to really helping drive benefit to the company.”

For CIOs who want to deliver results and unleash their company’s intelligence as advised by the Oracle guru, these priorities can be met through Intrafind’s search applications. To create the enterprise-wide opportunity chain, effective information retrieval from unstructured and structured enterprise data is needed. Intrafind provides the products and consultancy services that will transform strategy into results.

Andrea Hayden, October 23, 2012

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