Insights Roll in for Enterprises Using PolySpot Technologies that Deliver Information

October 23, 2012

Despite Big Data currently holding a secure place as a necessity for ROI in the enterprise world, there will always be skeptics about whether or not the workforce and technology are up to the challenge of extracting insights from such a mammoth. The latest soundbite of apprehension comes from ZDNet‘s recent article “Big Data’s Enterprise-readiness.”

The article stresses that software developers in the Big Data realm offer user interfaces designed for non-developers. These repositories show off the high level of investment that has gone into these solutions.

The article tells us:

One thing Big Data has on its side is a more flexible and agile approach to schema, allowing it to be defined at query/analysis time, thus removing some of the complexity and bureaucracy in curating the data. But the tooling for managing unstructured data is relatively immature, and data specialists in the enterprise are not conceptually accustomed to it. The long term potential for Big Data here is good, as it should shorten innovation cycles. But in the near term things just aren’t that actionable yet.

It is clear that we were reading a perspective that associates an intuitive user experience with a lack of enterprise-readiness. This way of thinking has no place in the current market where an efficient and easy to use interface equates to increased productivity. Let the insights roll in with big data solutions from companies such as PolySpot that deliver information to employees across the enterprise in this manner.

Megan Feil, October 23, 2012

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