Search Technologies Enhances the Google Search Appliance

October 25, 2012

Document security and efficiency in search are typical and serious woes that face users of Google Search Appliance. However, that seems to be changing, thanks to enterprise search technology services company Search Technologies. The company recently announced the release of two products for Google Search Appliance customers, Entity Recognition Assessment and Sensitive Data Assessment Service, according to the write-up  “Search Technologies Offers New Google Search Appliance Services” on Yahoo News. These two services will work together to allow users to take advantage of the capabilities released in GSA Version 7, particularly the new Entity Recognition.

We learn about the advantages in the source document:

”‘Entity Recognition is an important new capability for all GSA users,’ said Kamran Khan, CEO of Search Technologies. ‘Our new Assessment Services allow GSA customers can take full advantage of this new feature. They will help organizations maximize the search experience, especially over unmanaged data sources such as file shares, and add an additional layer of security, based on the automatic identification of sensitive concepts within documents. This way, they are getting full business value from their Google Search Appliance.’”

Search Technologies is taking a leadership position with regard to the Google Search Appliance. The firm’s innovations promise to improve the GSA’s search effectiveness across unmanaged content sources and large data sets, while protecting sensitive information in the enterprise. Customers will likely gain a competitive advantage with the implementation of this new technology alongside the Google Search Appliance. More information is available at

Andrea Hayden, October 25, 2012


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