Secure Cloud Platform Product Addresses Search Woes

October 25, 2012

Cloud platforms present an interesting issue for those attempting to search across such siloed cloud applications in real-time. OneLogin, cloud identity management specialists, recently released a product to help businesses facing these woes. In the article “OneLogin Launches First-Ever Federated Cloud Search” on The Herald, we learn about the Cloud Search product which allows users to search across public cloud applications like Google Apps, Box, and Zendesk.

We learn more about the necessity and benefits of this type of search product in the enterprise:

“‘Employees at cloud-centric enterprises have to navigate a variety of cloud applications every day, yet they are unable to search across these applications with Google-like searchability,’ said Thomas Pedersen, founder and chief executive officer of OneLogin. ‘Cloud Search is a revolutionary product that provides users with actionable insights into products, projects and customer issues. It is also the realization of our platform vision to help CIOs securely leverage their cloud application portfolio.’”

OneLogin Cloud Search is also tied to an enterprise’s existing security model. This ensures that employees only have access to content that is authorized for them.

We are happy to see new players explore secure search. For a product that has been tested and in use for a longer period of time, Intrafind is a secure choice. Intrafind allows for users to search structured and unstructured enterprise data securely with a wide range of connectors.

Andrea Hayden, October 25, 2012
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