Twitter User Analytics Not Surprising

October 26, 2012

Some interesting Twitter demographics were revealed in the article “Typical Twitter User is a Young Woman with an iPhone and 208 Followers” on Gigaom recently. The article covers a study, “An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Around the World,” completed by analytics firm Beevolve, offering information about who is using Twitter and why. The findings tell us that our stereotypes about Twitter users are most likely true: most Twitter users are women, iPhone users, young, and tweeting about family and fashion. And of course, their background is probably purple.

We also learn:

“The most useful part of the study, however, is that it provides a good view of how ordinary people use Twitter. For instance, it reveals that 25 percent of Twitter users have never tweeted, the average number of followers is 208 and that 81 percent of users have fewer than 50 followers.”

Very interesting stuff, but this system is a key indicator of exactly what? We wonder if there is a disproportionate number of users in New York and San Francisco too; location demographics would be informative. Looks like businesses on Twitter just need to learn how to appeal to the all the other twenty-something purple-loving iPhone users like me.

Andrea Hayden, October 26, 2012

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