Is HP Autonomy Pursuing the Analytics Leaders?

October 27, 2012

I don’t want to name the leaders in business analytics. The reason is that I am not exactly sure what “analytics” means. I learned this week that IBM Vivisimo is in the race. Add to this outfits like Oracle, SAP, and almost every other blue-chip technology vendor and I have a tough time figuring out what company does what. You, gentle reader, may be more informed on this matter than I. No problem. I am an old goose in Harrod’s Creek, Kentucky. I find the relabeling of companies not known for their math skills when it comes to meeting sales targets now in the Premier Math League amusing.

I do want to note the write up “Shifting Gears, HP Revs Up Analytics Services,” which appeared in that estimable “real” publication Information Management. The key point of the story for me was not the reference to HP as “struggling.” I hopped right over the suggestion that HP had to “reinvent its enterprise direction.” Right. The big item was the reference to HP’s embrace of Vertica and Autonomy. No odd couple this. Both firms embrace broad swaths of data and information management.

One passage which caught my attention. The source I believe is Danila Meirlaen, HP outsourcing division vice president. Herewith the snippet:

[HP’s] changes are reflected in this new service, with heightened analytics capabilities based on Autonomy’s IDOL platform and expertise, Meirlaen says. However, she says that layoffs have not impacted the analytics outsourcing team that has been tapped to take on this new service venture. In addition, many Business Analytics Service members have “industry specific” specialties in areas like finance, risk management and marketing.

I find the notion of outsourcing interesting. I am okay with the Autonomy platform. I think, however, there may be some effort required to apply Autonomy’s analytics with Vertica’s capabilities. The “vertical” angle reminds me of content processing vendors who deploy solutions which snap in to financial services, health care, and other juicy industry segments.

Here’s the prediction from an azure chip consultant, Mukesh Dialani, IDC:

A stronger focus on business analytics backed by an industry specific approach will reap benefits to their overall outsourcing business and BPO business in particular.

Hundreds of companies big and small are likely to work overtime to prevent HP from making a free for all even more crazy.

Stephen E Arnold, October 27, 2012


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