PolySpot Delivers Insights and Information From Raw Data

November 7, 2012

Media sources often plow through updates giving detailed accounts of the who, what, why, when and where for newsworthy events and developments, but it is quite refreshing when a source takes a step back and reflects upon the larger context. We give credit to GigaOM for taking that direction with their recent article, “5 Trends That Are Changing How We Do Big Data.”

The democratization of the study of data science ranks as one of the top updates in this arena. The article mentions the likes of Udacity and Coursera; these offer online courses related to big data. Apache Hadoop version 2.0 made a big splash too and now there is more to the software than just MapReduce jobs.

The article shares more information on the technical improvements big data has spurred:

One of these approaches is making big data accessible to developers, which is where startups such as Continuuity, Infochimps and even Precog (a big data BI engine, by nature) come into play. They make it relatively easy for developers to create applications that tie at least some functions into a big data backend, sometimes via a process as simple as writing a script or generating a piece of code that programmers can insert directly into their application’s code.

Apps for churning out big data insights will remain high on many companies’ wish lists. We imagine that companies like PolySpot will see quite the spike in demand for their offerings as businesses also wrap their minds around the larger picture of possibilities with big data.

Megan Feil, November 7, 2012

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