LucidWorks Solr 4 Training

November 9, 2012

I learned yesterday that LucidWorks will host a one day intensive Solr training session. The full day session covers what’s new in Solr 4.0, including a functional overview and deep dive into SolrCloud, followed by an expert panel discussion and open lab/workshop. LucidWorks is the leader in enterprise open source search solutions. The company’s technology, engineering team, and customer service sets the company apart.

There will be a Boot Camp training event in Reston, Virginia, on November 14, 2012. Erik Hatcher and Erick Erickson to learn how Solr 4.0 dramatically improves scalability, performance, and flexibility.  An overhauled Lucene underneath sports near real-time (NRT) capabilities allowing indexed documents to be rapidly visible and searchable. Lucene’s improvements also include pluggable scoring, much faster fuzzy and wildcard querying, and vastly improved memory usage. These Lucene improvements automatically make Solr much better, and Solr magnifies these advances with “SolrCloud.”

Paul Doscher, president of LucidWorks, told me:

Attendees will learn how to use SolrCloud to transform your existing Solr application into a highly scalable, fault tolerant solution with distributed indexing and search capabilities. The session will include demonstrations of SolrCloud in action. Some of the details covered will include configuring and tuning your own cluster. The presenters will detail how Solr 4.0 can be used as a NoSQL store, how to do near real time search at scale, and provide some tips and technical tips for maintaining a Solr cluster over the long term. This session will put the attendee on the path to becoming knowledgeable in SolrCloud configuration, scaling, monitoring and tuning. One of the highlights of the session is a review of the differences between the previous versions of Solr.

The training event features a breakfast in the morning and a happy hour after the session. You can sign up at This strikes me as a must attend event.

Stephen E Arnold, November 9, 2012


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