More Promises For Big Data

November 9, 2012

Info World recently announced a new big data channel, covering the latest developments in big data, in the article, “Unlocking the Value of Big Data.”

According to the article, InfoWorld’s big data channel features a blog that will provide a clear sense of how the trend is taking shape through the use of case studies that highlight the practical aspects of big data.

Writer, Eric Knorr, explains InfoWorld’s journey toward discovering big data. When explaining big data, he states:

“One way of thinking about big data is that these new technologies have arrived in the nick of time. Regulatory compliance concerns have created a “save everything” culture in the enterprise, including the fastest-growing segment: log files containing security or system events and metadata capturing the behavior of visitors as they use Web applications. InfoWorld has described the collective effect of all these new sources as the data explosion, where — according to a famous 2008 IDC report — the storage requirements of enterprises are increasing at a rate of 50 percent per year.”

Big data blogs are a very important way for enterprises to navigate the many different type of data analytics solutions currently on the market. We should know, Beyond Search has been doing it for years.

Jasmine Ashton, November 09, 2012

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