IBM Focuses on Big Data Analysis

November 12, 2012

In their special Big Data section, InformationWeek tells us that “IBM Accelerates Big Data Analysis.” Big Blue made a rash of big data-related announcements at their 2012 Information On Demand conference in Las Vegas. We find it interesting; IBM owns proprietary analytics companies Cognos, SPSS, and now Vivisimo. Is IBM now making a too-little-too-late play to catch up with other firms in big data analytics? Perhaps they should have asked Watson what to do.

Whatever the case, IBM is now forging ahead in this brave new realm. The article states:

“What the announcements have in common is that they’re all about parts of IBM’s Big Data Platform, which is Big Blue’s umbrella term for a diverse collection of data-management and analysis technology bridging the relational database and Hadoop worlds.”

Just what we need—another bridge between relational databases and the venerable, open-source Hadoop. Ah, well; IBM knows it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it first if you can do it better.

The first set of announcements involve IBM’s BigInsights platform, which links proprietary tools like BigSheets to a distribution of Hadoop. The new twist here is the inclusion of analytics accelerators for text and social media data. Of course. Another addition to BigInsights addition, InfoSphere Data Explorer, sounds useful. The write up explains:

“Unlike BigSheets, which lets you explore Hadoop data in a spreadsheet-like interface, InfoSphere Data Explorer can look across multiple data sources using data-federation and analysis technology from IBM’s Vivisimo acquisition. With access to Hadoop as well as data warehouses, data marts, and possibly other sources, the software can automatically find correlations in data across these platforms.”

Other big data developments from IBM include InfoSphere Streams for processing in real-time environments; the latest version of PureData System for Analytics (formerly known as the IBM Netezza appliance); the Big Data Solution For CMOs which combines PureData with IBM’s Unica Web analytics software; and, finally, a bundle of predictive analytics services called Analytic Answers, which runs inside IBM’s Smart Cloud. See the article for details on all these offerings.

Cynthia Murrell, November 12, 2012

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