Information Delivery Experts Tackle Big Data Beast

November 13, 2012

Connecting the dots of big data can become an arduous or easy task for a company depending on the software and consulting expertise they select. Luckily, every software company is discussing the subject and their technologies as these solutions relate to it. A recent post from enterprise software vendor Chilliad explains how to extract meaning from big data using their software in “Big Data or Big Noise.”

The Iterative Discovery process is utilized and it starts with the user interface and continues through the flexible workflow. Scalability is another hallmark of Chilliad’s software.

The article describes the motivation behind the technology:

Our experience in dealing with Big Data is we don’t know what we are looking for; we don’t know where to find it and we don’t want to have to figure that out. In fact, reading is not the next thing I want to do, reading is the last thing I want to do. That is why we approach Big Data as an exploration and provide software that supports an approach we call Iterative Discovery. Iterative Discovery is exactly what it sounds like — I start with a hunch or hypothesis that I wish to validate and that requires exploration and iteration through massive amounts of data.

Chilliad is making a solid effort in the big data sphere and we expect to see even more vendors offer up technologies in the way of tackling this beast. Additionally, others such as PolySpot have been making waves in this area for quite some time now as information delivery experts.

Megan Feil, November 13, 2012

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