PolySpot Generates ROI from All Forms of Data

November 19, 2012

Consulting company Deloitte released a new installment of Tech Trends called “Big Data Goes To Work.” It’s perfect timing for businesses that are understanding the complexity of big data – in positive and negative ways. Senior Vice President and CIO of Land O’Lakes Barry Libenson shares his company’s experiences in reigning in big data for ROI.

Unstructured and structured traditional data both carry weight when it comes to business intelligence. One group of data without the other does not inform business as comprehensively. Land O’Lakes has come to terms that both are imperative.

We learned more about the motivation for the big data push:

Demands for better information and more insights come from the business: finance wants profitability reports; the dairy business asks for improved forecasts; the seed division needs better information for the salesforce. You get the picture. We’re even analyzing satellite imaging data about individual farms and fields, and combining it with geological data to help farmers make seed choices that can improve their yield.

Land O’ Lakes may not know when they will need satellite imaging data about specific farms, but with the right business intelligence software and analysis by data scientists that data will amount to more than could be projected. Companies should look to information delivery experts like PolySpot for the greatest ROI.

Megan Feil, November 19, 2012

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