Connotate and Luminoso Team Up To Tackle Big Data

November 20, 2012

A big announcement was made last month in the Big Data arena about a partnership that is likely to help industries attain actionable insights such as product development and market research. According to “Connotate and Luminoso Partner to Deliver Seamless Solutions for Web-Based Market Research and Customer Sentiment Analysis” on MarketWatch, automated data collection provider Connotate and analytics provider Luminoso are joining forces to deliver new capabilities surrounding data management.

We hear from key players from both sides in the article. Connotate’s take on the partnership follows:

“‘Companies are just beginning to leverage agile text analysis applications to understand the Voice of the Customer,’ said Isai Shenker, vice president of product management for Connotate. ‘Luminoso’s selection of Connotate is an important milestone in combining the wealth of Web data with the advanced technology of customer sentiment analysis — creating solutions that are automated, scalable and rapidly deployable. The demand for this type of solution is exploding as companies seek near real-time feedback to adjust pricing and product positioning, as well as fresh insights into what people really think about their product or brand.'”

We believe this alignment could potentially be rewarding for customers as an ideal solution in changing unstructured data into real results. The two companies will be sharing real-world market research and customer sentiment analysis at an upcoming webinar. We look forward to seeing what else the partnership offers in the future.

Andrea Hayden, November 20, 2012

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