Big Data Profiling Hits Hadoop

November 21, 2012

IT News Online revealed some of the latest new featuring a leader in open source software: “Talend Simplifies Big Data Further with New Release of Enterprise Open Source Integration Platform.” Talend released version 5.2 of its next-generation integration platform, which is the only one that provides a unified environment for managing entire lifecycles for data, application, and process integration requirements. Version 5.2 has support for NoSQL databases and data profiling for Hadoop. Talend’s biggest concentration has been to make the Big Data process easier:

“In its mission to democratize big data, Talend has focused extensively on solutions that make deploying and managing Apache Hadoop and related technologies simple, without requiring specific expertise in these areas. With version 5.2, Talend has taken its big data strategy a step further by adding big data profiling for Hadoop, providing companies with the ability to discover and understand data in Hadoop clusters. Among the typical problems associated with data quality are duplication, incompleteness and inconsistency, which create inefficiencies in data processing. Talend Platform for Big Data includes new capabilities for visibility into big data in all its forms and locations.”

Version 5.2 also includes upgrades for products that use Talend’s Unifed Platform. Big Data is very complex and products like those from Talend make it easier to leverage the data and reap the benefits. LucidWorks has a Big Data search tool that was designed to find the hidden data in Big Data, making it another great tool for the Big Data handler. However, LucidWorks also has the trusted name and the customer support that others cannot boast.

Whitney Grace, November 21, 2012

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