Intrafind Knowledge Map Increases Overall Efficiency with a Quick Click

November 28, 2012

Network infrastructures, social media, mobile and the cloud continue to bring changes in daily business operations. Transformational technologies like these can provide the key elements necessary to stay competitive but success relies heavily on their ability to evolve within the enterprise.

The right strategy can bring prosperity through evolution to any industry. ZDNet’s article “CIOs unplugged: Straight Talk from Innovators” talks about some solid strategies to consider in order to increase operational efficiency when utilizing transformational technologies:

“Operational efficiency and cost reduction are always part of the IT mandate, so the discussion touched there. These CIOs distinguish themselves precisely because their key focus is innovation, rather than cost reduction. Many organizations primarily expect the CIO (and IT) to drive efficiency and cost savings, rather than participate in planning important strategic decisions. This view devalues IT, and is intensely shortsighted, because most industries today rely on technology to create strategic advantage.”

Innovative CIOs may find themselves more capable of driving change if their users are able to find the enterprise knowledge they need when they need it. Solutions such as Intrafind’s Knowledge Map allows for better use of enterprise knowledge assets and leaves more time for organizational innovation. Overall efficiency is increased with a user friendly interface which centralizes relevant company metadata in a 360 view for access with a few quick mouse clicks.

Jennifer Shockley, November 28, 2012

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