Convergence of BI and Enterprise Search Requires Full Service Solution

November 30, 2012

We are starting to see a slow convergence of business intelligence and enterprise search in the world of corporate IT. And according to the article “Business Intelligence, Enterprise Search: Marriage in Prospect, Still No Ring” on Computer Weekly, the catalyst for this convergence may just be the Big Data trend and the continued focus on unstructured data in this arena.

According to the article, the need to sift through the available data to find what is relevant and create an end-to-end solution is the ultimate goal. We learn:

“Ollie Ross, head of research at the Corporate IT Forum, notes a convergence of business intelligence and enterprise search interests among members of the blue chip user group, at least to the extent of the holding of a member-driven ‘Enterprise Search as a Business Intelligence Tool’ workshop in December 2011. Ollie Ross said that when enterprise search was first broached inside the forum, some two years ago, it was intensive from some, but not general. […] But, over time, it has come to be seen as potentially a matter of business advantage, given sufficient usage.”

BI, Enterprise Search, and Big Data Analytics are three different approaches to finding information. A good bet to close the deal would include working with a full-service solution like Intrafind that can meet your enterprise needs and even help guide you through the maze of options.

Andrea Hayden, November 30, 2012

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