NASA Seeks Friends In All Spheres

December 4, 2012

MEI Company shared good news for their team through a news release, “Nasa Selects Millennium for Safety Support Contract at Wallops Flight Facility.” They will be providing the flight, ground and institutional safety support for NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

NASA’s sounding rockets program office, balloon program office, and aircraft office are all located within Wallops.

Hailing the contract as a symbol of NASA’s commitment to safety, the article quotes MEI CEO T. Trase Travers. He mentions the critical nature of the missions Wallops supports.

The article delves into the specifics:

“As part of the Wallops Safety Office Contract, Millennium [MEI] will perform flight safety analysis, provide ground and pad safety support, and ensure institutional safety through compliance with NASA and Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.  This work includes wind weighting, range safety analysis, cryogenic safety, explosives safety, electronic emissions safety, fire protection, industrial hygiene, pressure systems, lifting devices, emergency preparedness and other related safety support.”

Another indexing outfit has been tapped by NASA. By our tally, NASA is licensing its heart out with Concept Searching and now MEI. An interesting turn of events to say the least.

Megan Feil,December 04, 2012

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