LucidWorks Rebranding Offers Clarity to Clients

December 6, 2012

In early fall 2012, LucidWorks went through a major rebranding project. Formerly Lucid Imagination, LucidWorks is a provider of customer-grade enterprise search solutions based on the open source projects Apache Lucene and Solr. While Lucid Imagination has been a major industry presence and contender for many years, the company wanted a change that would streamline their presence and provide clarity to clients. Therefore, the decision was made to bring the name of the company in line with the name of the product line, hence, LucidWorks. More is offered about the rebranding project in the blog entry, “LucidWorks Website Launch.”

The entry states:

“LucidWorks originally came to Eben Design with multiple disorganized websites that created a confusing message to customers. We worked with them to develop a website that was clean, modern, and clearly organized and explained their product offerings. Our detailed specifications process determined all of the intricacies of the sites and the wants/needs of LucidWorks; we then could create a website that effectively communicated with their clients.”

While the focus of this entry is coming from the Web developer side, another important element of the process is LucidWorks’ devotion to their customers. Always improving, adapting, and updating, LucidWorks is on the leading edge of open source technology, particularly open source search. One great example is LucidWorks Big Data, as a very early development in the Big Data movement, and one that is a cost-effective open source option.

Emily Rae Aldridge, December 06, 2012

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