Cisco Closes Knowledge Gap with LucidWorks

December 13, 2012

When Cisco needed a new internal solution for corporate communications, they turned to open source search solutions. However, they needed an expert consultation to get them started, and turn the open source foundation into a working solution designed for their customized needs. They turned to LucidWorks. The full case study details are provided in, “Closing the Knowledge Gap: A Case Study – How Cisco Unlocks Communications.”

After a discussion of the consulting process, and LucidWorks’ customized solution created specifically for Cisco, the author concludes:

“When content finds you, it brings the exercise of search and knowledge management full circle. While topics you are working on are indexed and understood by the search system, the same thing is happening at the same time with others, across your organization. The content becomes the connection between people working on similar projects. By building on the power of Lucene/Solr search, Cisco has transformed content from a passive, accumulating archive to a dynamic network of people and information.”

LucidWorks’ out-of-the-box solutions are ready to go, and often just the right solution for smaller organizations that can’t quite afford the same intense consultation process that Cisco chose. LucidWorks Search is a highly secure, scalable, development platform. LucidWorks Big Data is designed to handle even the most demanding content environments, specializing in high volume.

Emily Rae Aldridge, December 13, 2012

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