Business Process Heightened to Maximum Efficiency with PolySpot Solutions

December 14, 2012

Making a decision in a business can be done in a variety of ways. More often than not, decision-makers look to data to assist them now that there are solutions available to enable such a process. Smart Business reports on “How to Use Big Data to Make Better Business Decisions” in their recent article.

The article discusses what types of decision are made most successfully using big data:

In general, data-driven decision making works better at an operational or tactical level since there are relatively fewer risks involved. In fact, when aided by technology, data makes it easy to automate rudimentary tasks and decisions. For example, it’s hard to imagine how Amazon or Wal-Mart would fare if they relied on managers’ instincts to replenish stock levels, when a computer can synthesize inventory changes and sales trends and place orders automatically.

When the determination to make decisions using data is made, the only remaining variable is the technological solutions that will need to be in place for data access to happen efficiently and effectively. PolySpot solutions are above par in this department, for example. However, companies must research for themselves which one will suit their needs best.

Megan Feil, December 14, 2012

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