FirstRain Performinator Delivers Data Directly to CRM Systems

December 14, 2012

We were steered toward a handy product review recently of news aggregator FirstRain and were impressed with the product details and abilities we learned about. In the feature article titled “FirstRain Launches the Performinator” on FreePint, we are informed of the product’s ability to find, filter, and deliver business-relevant Web content. The latest version includes FirstTweets, which is a selection and delivery of relevant and timely Tweets to your organization.

The article tells us more about FirstRain’s flexible deployment options:

“Instead of handing out yet another login on another website, FirstRain delivers content via portal integration. For example, the FirstRain Performinator makes it possible for users to add FirstRain dynamically-updated company profiles and news directly into their CRM systems. Alternatively, users can display the latest breaking market or sector intelligence in their shared enterprise workspaces, such as SharePoint. Finally, FirstRain is optimised for delivery over iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and easily enables users to share this content across their numerous portals and mobile devices.”

We believe this product may potentially help users reduce information overload and increase productivity in the onslaught of data in the business world. This type of targeted, actionable customer intelligence should be a model for others in the industry.

Andrea Hayden, December 14, 2012

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