Concept Searching Does Social Media

December 20, 2012

I wanted to snag this before it slipped through the goose’s Web feet. Concept Searching has beefed up its social media presence. The company’s persona is Cate Evans, a marketing manager. The persona posted this question, “How many times can I pick the wrong search results?” My answer is, “Every time.” Search requires that the user know what he or she is looking for. If the user is clueless, guessing what combination of terms or which misunderstood link is the “right one” is a trial-and-error affair. The less clever the searcher, the more clicking required. A mouse click and reading without comprehension do not a good searcher make. That’s why library schools work so hard on reference interviews, pre-research, and the use of commercial database systems. LinkedIn is more of a job hunting service in my opinion unless one is lucky enough to have a LinkedIn expert toot a company’s horn. If you want to track Concept Searching’s persona, I noticed it in the subgroup “Information Access and Search Professionals.” If you have an answer to this Concept Searching question, head on over and share your wisdom.

Stephen E Arnold, December 20, 2012


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