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December 28, 2012

Bruno Aziza has two titles for his position at data analytics company SiSense. One is the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing…and the other: Data Geek. He comes out as such in a recent MIT Sloan Management Review article called, “The Big Deal About a Big Data Culture (and Innovation).”

In a conversation with their contributing editor, Aziza talks about the developing role of data analytics and offers insight into how to successfully utilize data and analytics effectively.

Aziza raises the awareness of the context surrounding the surge of interest in big data:

Secondly, I think the term analytics has raised the awareness of the problem. Before we used to call this business intelligence, and it’s funny how just the change of a term to business analytics made other people want to be interested in it. Also the financial crisis has helped people realize that you can be doing business in the old fashioned way, or you can be trying to be smarter than the other guys.

Whether it is called big data analytics or business intelligence, the important part of the evolution is that businesses know how important having efficient access to big data is to gaining a competitive advantage over other companies. One solution we have seen translate into ROI for organizations extracting value from big data is PolySpot. Their technology allows for information dissemination and analysis to happen quickly and effectively.

Megan Feil, December 28, 2012

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