News Updated on March 27, 2014…

When I was 14, I was an underage “curbie.” A “curbie” was a person who waited on people in automobiles who wanted food at a drive-in restaurant. Fifty-six years later, I am cutting back on work.

The principal change is that I am pursuing projects for myself, not for clients in government, non-profits, and commercial enterprise. I have a small staff assisting me with some research.

You will be able to obtain free profiles of search and content processing vendors on my Xenky.com Web site. We are adding one profile each month. Since these profiles were written over a period of years for different purposes, we are updating the content and making some necessary edits. Most profiles will be one year out of date, sometimes more because I continue to track some companies for my own enjoyment or for a handful of clients. There are a dozen profiles available, and you can find the list and hotlinks to these 15 to 30 page reports at www.xenky.com/vendor-profiles.

I have agreed to deliver two more intelligence lectures in 2014. The presentations in Washington, DC, the January 2014 webinar, and the three lectures in Dubai, UAE, in March 2014 have been reasonably well received. The webinar attracted more than 450 attendees. The content in these intelligence lectures is different from the information generally available. Via a case study approach, specific methods of obtaining information from open source are put in a “story” context. Examples include mafia activities, weapon components, and the use of aliases in public companies.

My team and I are preparing a handful of short videos. These can be located by running a YouTube query for “Stephen E Arnold.”

A number of people have found my secondary Web sites helpful. By the end of March 31, 2014, I will be updating content on Xenky.com. ArnoldIT.com’s content will be left on line, but “frozen.” I will continue to publish news and information related to information retrieval on Beyond Search.

I am available for telephone consultations on a limited basis. Travel is not something I am eager to do. After slinging hamburgers and working for decades, email and Skype are just fine with me. If you want to reach me, you may use the seaky2000 at yahoo dot com email address.

Stephen E Arnold,

March 27, 2014

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