PolySpot Delivers Insights from Big Data to the Enterprise

January 4, 2013

The Telegraph forecasts the big data boom will only grow steadier and louder. Big Data Was Big in 2012, It Will be Bigger in 2013 refers to big data as digital DNA. Big data is not going anywhere now that it has taken shape in such a major way. Big data provides an evolving infrastructure for everything digital.

The article discusses the proclivity many industry spectators and professionals have for looking towards the future while ignoring the present opportunities and innovations.

While it is easy to see big data as being similar to a new Gold Rush, an Oil Stampede and an almost infinite capacity for change, it is sometimes better to look for present-day companies that are engendering change now, and not sometime in the ill-defined future. One such company is London-based telephony analytics provider IOVOX that has built a voice platform that gives real-time visibility into all aspects of telephone traffic.

We could not have said those wise words any better. Taking advantage of current solutions from companies fostering exciting moves in the big data sphere; for example, how PolySpot has changed enterprise information delivery, will be key to making an impact.

Megan Feil, January 4, 2013

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