Search Technologies Success Lies in Corporate Retreats

January 23, 2013

While many companies may see corporate retreats as an obvious place to cut spending, co-founder and chief executive of Search Technologies believes retreats are some of the most valuable investments made by the company. In the Washington Post article “Value Added: This Herndon Search Company Found its Perfect Retreat in Costa Rica,” we learn about how Kamran Khan of Search Technologies believes corporate retreats are crucial to the success of his growing business. The most recent off-site cost $100,000 in company money and took place in highly-educated and tech-savvy Costa Rica.

The article explains the importance:

“Khan, who started Search Technologies in 2005, said it’s the only time when everyone in the company — including the management team — can be in one place. Khan uses the chance to address his 100-person staff, informing them of how the company is doing and outlining the goals for the next year. ‘I prefer to get people together and . . .clarify our strategy, which is very simple: We are going to be experts in the search space.’”

Khan and his team at Search Technologies may be onto something with this plan. Launched in 2005, the company was on track for $18 million in revenue for 2012, and the company’s net profit margin is about 5 percent. The IT services and search implementation software company services the Daily Mail newspaper’s Web site portfolio in Britain and helped launch its new cloud search product. Apparently the secret to success lies in Khan’s philosophy of hiring “good people” and taking beach trips. We have learned that Search Technologies is hiring in anticipation of further growth during 2013.

Andrea Hayden, January 23, 2013


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