List of Significant Open Source Programs Neglects Search Engines

January 28, 2013

Zdnet’s recent article focusing on listing, “The 10 Oldest Significant Open Source Programs,” still in popular usage today becomes redundant and neglects to mention other, more relevant projects. Open source software and freeware projects have been influencing software development since the early days of computers.

According to the article:

“Both concepts were actually used long before proprietary software showed up. As Richard M. Stallman, (rms) free software’s founder noted, ‘When I started working at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab in 1971, I became part of a software-sharing community that had existed for many years. Sharing of software was not limited to our particular community; it is as old as computers […]'”

Linux has certainly had incredible success as the foundation for the internet and the most ported operating system in the world, running on everything from Android devices to super computers.  Python has also proven its impact by becoming the fastest growing open source programming language.

While the article goes on to list several other programming languages and another operating system, I cannot help but notice the lack of open source search engine and indexing software.  Lucene and Solr  have been around since 1999 and 2004, respectively.  These projects merged in March 2010, and have just received a robust update.  Not only are these programs currently still in use, but they are making strides towards solving the search problems that plague big enterprise.

Michael Cole, January 28, 2013

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