Expert System Partners with Solr

January 31, 2013

Expert System is a semantic software company that has recently announced integrating Apache Solr into their Cognito Semantic platform. Their goal is to increase both precision and recall over traditional systems. The full press release can be read via MarketWire in their write-up, “Expert System Announces Integration With Apache Solr for Enterprise Search.”

The article begins:

“Expert System, the semantic software company, today announced the full integration of its Cogito® semantic platform with the Apache Solr™ open source enterprise search platform. Through the integration with Cogito, organizations using Solr will be able to enhance their technology investment by delivering faster, more precise access to big data and enterprise content. Cogito exceeds the limits of traditional search and provides a deep understanding of words by fully understanding their meaning in context.”

Expert System may have a good product, but it is new. There are other more seasoned options when it comes to Solr integration. For instance, check out LucidWorks Search. A trusted enterprise solution, LucidWorks (formerly Lucid Imagination) has been a go-to in the industry for years. Their newest offering, LucidWorks Big Data, tackles the newest challenge in content management and search, Big Data.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 31, 2013

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