The Hamilton Book Company And Its Web Site

February 2, 2013

When it comes to purchasing a book, most people visit Amazon for its deep discounts and fast shipping. A smaller player in the game is the Hamilton Book Company. This book company specializes in bargain books on a range of subjects from fiction, crafts, military history, cookbooks, arts/entertainment, and science/nature. There are DVDs to browse through, though the selection is limited to the less than popular DVDs you find in a Wal-Mart $5.00 bin. The same can be said for the CDs, which are categorized by theme rather than artist. Browsers can search through seventy-five different categories.

You probably will not find any of the current bestsellers at Hamilton Book Company. Most of the contemporary literature has been resigned to the books popular or were mentioned around ten years ago; although there are some exceptions if you dig through the search results. The best things about the Hamilton Book Company are its prices, but its weakest are the selection and the Web site itself. While using the Web site, one has to navigate through the subjects before even finding any of the products. The biggest fault is that when one clicks on a topic heading on main page, a PDF downloads rather than taking the user to a different part of the Web site.

The final verdict is a basic Web site for cheap and basic books.

Whitney Grace, February 02, 2013

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