Murdock Says Wall Street Journal Still Under Hacker Attack

February 15, 2013

Now, isn’t this ironic? TNW reports, “Rupert Murdoch Claims Chinese Hackers Are Still Attacking the Wall Street Journal.” Didn’t Murdoch’s own News Corp. use improper methods to obtain information? I didn’t think Karma usually worked that quickly.

Following revelations that the New York Times had been hacked, the world learned that the WSJ had also been targeted. Now, the paper’s (in)famous owner claims the attacks have not been stopped. Writer John Russell tells us:

“The Australia-born media mogul took to Twitter to reveal that the newspaper was still being targeted by Chinese hackers over the weekend. That’s just days after the WSJ bolstered its network security last week after its computer systems ‘had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers for the apparent purpose of monitoring the newspaper’s China coverage’.

“Murdoch has not provided any further substantiation of his claims.”

These two news outlets, as well as Bloomberg, seem to have been targeted as a result of their coverage of Chinese politics. Though there is yet no evidence to support the theory, security experts suspect that the Chinese government is behind the intrusions. Such charges are nothing new to China, who is also known for its embrace of Internet censorship.

Cynthia Murrell, February 15, 2013

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