Ontos Launches News Portal Merges Info Across Sources

February 27, 2013

The Ontos News Portal is really pushing diverse news gathering to a new level with its utilization of its developed semantic technology. The Ontos News Portal, according to their website, filters through the vast amounts of data available from documents, mail and websites that your company works with on a regular basis.

“Our software solutions provide competent and cost-effective support in the central processes of decision-making and knowledge gathering, as well as knowledge management. Furthermore, Ontos products reinforce the improvement of your company’s entire value creation chain and help to speed up sales, marketing and support processes.”

Ontos, developed in 2001, uses its semantics tech to solve a plethora of requests. Generating semantic annotation from unstructured text, summarizing large volumes of annotated texts, maintaining metadata, and triplet technology are all within the realm of Onto’s to deliver.

The new Ontos Live is a sleek and easy way to personalize your feed, kind of like personalizing your homepage for Yahoo! News, only easier and more mature in search ability. All the answers, none of the mumbo jumbo you didn’t ask for.

Leslie Radcliff, February 27, 2013

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