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March 14, 2013

Scribd considers itself the world’s largest online library for reading, publishing, and sharing documents and written works and according to the Y Combinator news page piece “Scribd (SF, top 100 site) is hiring PM #1 to build the World’s Online Library” they are currently looking for a project manager/owner. From the information on the listing it sounds like the company, though small is definitely making a name for itself.

“Scribd’s vision is to build the library of the twenty-first century. We are a small-ish but dedicated team of 35 people in San Francisco working towards this vision.

So far, we’re most proud of having:

  • Built one of the world’s largest websites with over 100M monthly uniques
  • Built a profitable company with a sustainable business model
  • Created a rich, fun culture and attracted an amazing team”

The listing goes on to state the qualifications that they are looking for as well as the type of person they think would be a good fit. Scribd and the services it hopes to offer sound very familiar to a few larger names that are already doing the same thing. One would assume that Google, is definitely bigger and more well-known then this company and it arguably has one of the largest digital libraries due to its diverse search capabilities. In addition companies such as Ebsco offer a searchable library full of documents, e-documents, journals etc. from schools, libraries, governments and just about anywhere else you would need and they serve a variety of different types of businesses including libraries. With so many big name and heavy hitters already in the game Scribd definitely has its work cut out for them. Only time will tell if their service will become a thing of the future or simply a footnote of the past.

April Holmes, March 14, 2013

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