Visisimo Marketing Director Talks Vast Possibilities with Big Data

March 16, 2013

While anyone with their ear to the ground probably already knows that Vivisimo is expanding on its marketing efforts to be classified as a big data leader, all of the implications may not have been revealed just yet. A recent Pittsburgh Business TImes article, “A Big Discussion on Big Data,” clued us in.

IBM’s program director of big data marketing, Saman Haqqi, was included on a panel hosted last week at IBM. The panel was organized by MIT Enterprise Forum of Pittsburgh.

The article offered some insight into her perspective:

“Living in a world where data is everywhere and a huge amount of what we touch is now collecting this information the opportunity for working with “big data” is vast. ‘Just the way the Internet changed us in 20 or 30 years, big data will change how we live, work and play over the next 30 years,’ said Saman Haqqi, program director of big data marketing at IBM (formerly Vivisimo). The possibilities she said can’t be understated since already it touches everything from better weather forecasting to genomics research.”

This is interesting news, but there could be a potential complication with IBM and their big data powerhouse Watson. We wonder if this is a sign that IBM is moving on and focusing on the less flashy, but more practical business intelligence solutions for enterprise organizations, medical industries and others. We would not be too surprised if the super analytic brain slowly faded into the background.

Patrick Roland, March 16, 2013

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