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March 20, 2013

I saw a reference to a court filing by the law firm called San Diego IP Law Group LLP. You can find the document at the San Diego court as Case 3:13-cv-oo309-DMS-JMA. I took a quick look and it appeared that the a company in the search and content processing business is a party to the legal matter. The “defendant”, if I read the document correctly, is WCC Services US, Inc., a Delaware corporation owned by WCC Group BV in the Netherlands.

Here’s what WCC says about its company:

WCC is a high-end software company that automates the matching process by providing more accurate and intelligent results. Non-core activities such as client implementations are performed by qualified partners like Accenture or EDS. To maintain its stated company objectives, WCC recruits and retains a motivated, flexible and highly educated staff. The knowledge and passion of our people drives industry-leading innovation and delights customers with the quality of our products and support. WCC is committed to a transparent Corporate Governance structure, even as a privately-held company. The organization’s openness, internally and externally, gives stakeholders up-to-date information about WCC and its future course. Conservative accounting policies assure continuity of the company and clearly signal WCC’s reliability as a business partner.

The court document carries the phrase “Complain for patent infringement” with a demand for a jury trial. The court document references a number of patents; for example, US 7298873 and some others.

I just wanted to document the existence of this court document. Like the Palantir i2 Group dust up, these disputes about content processing are interesting to me. Once resolved, the information about the matter can disappear. Google, of course, does not like urls which fail to resolve. I don’t loud sirens. Like Google, there’s not much one can do about certain content going dark. Stuff happens whether Google or I like it.

Keep in mind that I don’t have a dog in this fight. I have been monitoring WCC Group’s information retrieval business, but the company has kept a low profile. I did try to contact the company a couple of years ago, but I was unable to get much traction.

WCC’s search system is called Elise. There are some public descriptions of the search related business at these links:

The San Diego Law Group’s Web site is http://firm.sandiegoiplaw.com/. The WCC Web site (assuming I have located the correct Web destination) is http://www.wcc-group.com/.

Stephen E Arnold, March 20, 2013


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