Try Before You Buy

March 22, 2013

The old saying that there is a hidden meaning in words means even more in the analytics world. The Semantria API system helps to turn unstructured data into data that makes sense. Semantria even offers a free demo so that customers can see how their system works. According to the website:

“Semantria’s API helps organizations to extract meaning from large amounts of unstructured text. The value of the content can only be accessed if you see the trends and sentiments that are hidden within. Add sophisticated text analytics and sentiment analysis to your application: turn your unstructured content into actionable data.”

Semantria provides users with a fully customizable and user friendly system. The system is also very user-friendly and users can gain valuable insight from their unstructured content with just the simple click of a button. The Semantria API uses the latest techniques for extraction of data so clients can be confident that they are using the latest technology and getting the best information possible. The convenient and attractive Pay-As-You-Go service makes sure that regardless of budget users can get the services they need. More importantly Semantria offers unlimited support and maintenance so users always know where to go to get the answers they need. One of the best benefits is the online demo that Semantria provides for anyone interested to take a peak at how their service works. The try before you buy approach makes it hard to stay away.

April Holmes, March 22, 2012

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