New Endeavors On The Semantic Web

March 25, 2013

Pop the Lecons de Choses post, “Ceci N’est Pas Le Web Sémantique” into Google translate and it transformed into “This Is Not The Semantic Web,” an article that explores Google’s Knowledge Graph. Google announced the Knowledge Graph project almost a year ago and while it is important, we have learned that algorithms are not everything. It does present a pretty picture and seamless facts construed with other information, but Google has not embraced semantic Web principles. The blog compares a Knowledge Graph page and a page after searching for the famous Magritte painting, “The Treachery Of Images.”


At first, everything checks out, Google has more pretty pictures, but there are differences:


“The basic difference is in the semantics formally declared (or not) behind these pages. The URI of the thing described by the form of the BNF is declared explicitly in the RDF which is accessible either via the link at the bottom of the html page, or by content negotiation in HTTP protocol. The data are also BnF distinction, which would undoubtedly pleased the painter between the array itself as an object in the real world, its representation as a concept (authority) in the catalog of the BNF and different formats of these descriptions.”


Google does not have any URI in its open source code. It is somewhere on a Google database, but the user is not identified and it cannot be shared with the rest of the Web. Knowledge Graph is pretty, but it mostly draws on Wikipedia structured descriptions. Google has taken a baby step with its knowledge graph service. In the opinion of the Mondeca analyst, there is a lot of work to do.


Whitney Grace, March 25, 2013

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