IBM Content Analytics and Search V2.2 Exam

March 26, 2013

I am not sure how, but two links found their way to me today. The subject of the exam is IBM’s Content Analytics and Search V2.2.

Information about the IBM test is at Information about the April 2011 version of the system which is the current one is at this IBM link. The current version is going on three years old, which does not suggest continuous, aggressive updating to me.

The first  link points to Blog Pass 4 Test. The site presents some sample questions for the examination, which is part of the IBM certification process.

You can pass the IBM 000-583 (IBM Content Analytics and Search V2.2 with an “examination guide.”

The examination is available from Here are three sample questions to whet your appetite:

Which documents from the collection are used to create the clustering proposal?
A. All of the documents in the index are used.
B. A random sample of the number that you specify
C. The first 1000 documents that were added to the index.
D. A round-robin alphabetically ordered sampling from each different crawler
Answer: B

Which languages listed are supported for text analytics collections?
A. French, Arabic, Hindi, Malay
B. German, English, Polish, Greek
C. Hebrew, Italian, English, Russian
D. English, Spanish, Arabic, German
Answer: D

Which is NOT a supported operating system.?
A. AIX 5.3 (32-bit)
B. AIX 6.1 (64-bit)
C. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server (32-bit)
D. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (32-bit)
Answer: A

Pretty thin gruel for the cold winter mornings required to get complex proprietary and open source systems to work in an optimal manner.

The second link is to Exam 2 Home. The idea is that for $49, a person can buy a PDF with questions and answers. You can find this exam guide at The site asserts:

Many IBM Content Analytics and Search V2.2 test questions or brain dump providers in the market focus solely on passing the exam while skipping the real-world exam preparation. This approach only gives short-term solution while giving the candidates real setbacks in the job market. The main focus of Exam2Home’s IBM 000-583 questions is to teach you the techniques to prepare your exam in the right sense covering all aspects of the exam. We have truly a 1-2 knockout solution for your IBM 000-583 exam.

Two observations. I must be on a list of folks trying to master IBM Content Analytics and Search V2.2. Interesting idea, just not accurate. Second, these two pitches seem quite similar. Is this another of the learn quick, get a raise training schemes. I ran across a similar program for Quicken. Interesting but suspicious to me.

Stephen E Arnold, March 26, 2013


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