Big Data Saving Money and More

April 17, 2013

The cost of running a business and its computing systems is quickly becoming one of the greatest burdens on almost every industry. While systems get more intuitive and fast, they get pricier. Thankfully, we are discovering how big data has some solutions for this. We discovered an interesting perspective from UnReveal’s article, “Big Data? Bring it On.”

According to the story:

Harmonize and optimize all e-data without complex, expensive and time-consuming IT processes

  • Fuse disparate information together without the need for extensive data-mapping projects and linking structured fields by common keys.
  • No artificial manipulation or human interference that could distort results and outcomes. uReveal connects and reads all data in its natural state.
  • New data is integrated as frequently as servers are refreshed allowing for near real-time analysis and more actionable results.”

We like the message this sends and agree. However, some people have even bigger expectations for their big data. According to a recent Tech America Foundation story, government big data saves money, but also lives. “According to 87 percent of federal IT officials and 75 percent of state IT officials, the use of real-time Big Data solutions will save a significant number of lives each year.” All we can say is wow. This makes us eager to see now big data next invades our lives.

Patrick Roland, April 17, 2013

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