Silo Syndrome Claims the Sky Is Falling

April 18, 2013

Organizations in the financial services, healthcare, technology, e-business and government industries are at an increased risk for the newly diagnosed “Silo Syndrome”, according to the article “Thousands of Companies Diagnosed with Dreaded ‘Silo Syndrome’” published by PR Newswire.

Apparently, the symptoms of corporate “Silo Syndrome” are as follows:

“*An inability to immediately access business information

  • Searching for answers but never really finding them
  • Problems processing terms like “unstructured content”
  • A penchant to unnecessarily flatten relational data
  • Inability to join concepts together in real-time
  • Needlessly accessing multiple systems for ‘what’ and ‘why’ answers”

Big data giant Attivio is championing awareness initiatives for what they claim is an increasingly ubiquitous syndrome, as CTO Sid Probstein stars in his very own PSA-style video. Attivio has also created a “Six Signs of Silo Syndrome” warning sign, which can be printed and displayed anywhere.

While Attivio no doubt holds the cure to “Silo Syndrome”, maybe humans build silos because silos are useful. After all, silos are required by various regulations, and silos simply make sense for certain types of business processes. Sure there is room for improvement, but sometimes silos just make sense.

Samantha Plappert, April 18, 2013

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