Searchdaimon Goes Open Source

July 8, 2013

We learned this morning that Searchdaimon, an innovative developer in Trondheim, Norway, has released its flagship search product as open source. According to “Searchdaimon Enterprise Search Now Open Source Under GPL V2”:

Searchdaimon today announced its flagship enterprise search product is now available as open source software. The Searchdaimon solution, highlighted at, is the only enterprise-grade alternative to Solr available. Searchdaimon offers comprehensive for-fee engineering and consulting services to licensees wanting carrier-class support at highly competitive prices. The software will be released under the free GPL v2 license. For more information about this open source license, visit

In October 2012, Runar Buvik, one of the senior executives at Searchdaimon told Search Wizards Speak:

The functions are comparable to the features and functions available from HP Autonomy, Endeca, Exalead, and other aggressively marketed systems. For example, Searchdaimon offers filtering, sorting, content federation, search suggestions, spell checking of user queries, stemming and lemmatization, a graphic interface for the administrative services, logs, statistics, and the other components of a modern enterprise information retrieval system. The ES is a fully featured enterprise search solution that can index different content types scattered across multiple servers and storage devices. The system offers full text search to end users.

In the story which appeared this morning said that Searchdaimon is the result of an evolution of academic research at the same university that developed the original Fast Search & Transfer search system. The company goes beyond Fast Search, delivering high-speed content processing and concept identification in an innovative package. There is no practical limit to the number of Searchdaimon virtual servers that can be clustered together. Therefore, Big Data presents no particular problems. The system, whether for a few users or thousands, provides site search and search in internal corporate data.

Searchdaimon is a leading provider of enterprise search solutions, that aims to transforming the way organizations tap their knowledge and access their information. Their cornerstone product, the Searchdaimon Enterprise Search, is one of the best solution for conducting search and getting information from inside the business. For specific contact information, visit Details about the company’s for-fee support options are available at on the commercial support page.

Worth a look in our opinion. Open source options continue to put pressure on many commercial vendors. Some of these firms are like Oracle Endeca showing more flexibility in pricing.

Donald Anderson, July 8, 2013

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