Big Data Startup Parade Begins with These 14 Companies

July 14, 2013

Business Insider posted an article titled 14 Big Data Startups You’re Going to be Hearing A Lot More About on June 4, 2013. The article explores the big data companies teetering on the edge of wild success and fame. The companies named include WibiData, Hadapt, Sqrrl, Precog, Datameer, HStreaming, Alpine Data Labs and Kontagent. The article claims,

“Google, Facebook, Amazon and other web giants have harnessed big data to solve some of their biggest tech challenges. Now many of these engineers are setting out on their own with startups. Some are focused on analytics. Some are working on in-memory databases, which do all their work on data stored in memory instead of hard drives. Others are casting their lot with NoSQL, a new kind of database that spreads processing and storage across multiple servers and storage systems.”

For example, Data Gravity, founded in 2012 with headquarters in Nashua, NH and star Paula Long, makes big data more affordable by embedding the tech into storage systems. The implications posed by these startups for IBM SPSS, SAS, Palantir and Digital Reasoning are as yet unclear. VC’s certainly seem optimistic, with almost all of the startups mentioned raking in millions of dollars from various backers.

Chelsea Kerwin, July 14, 2013

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