Embedded Security Noted As Additional Benefit of API

July 18, 2013

News of Intel’s acquisition of Mashery is still popping up on our radar. The ReadWrite article “Intel’s Buying Mashery To Get Deeper Inside The Data Center” offers an insightful perspective on why the chip giant went after a seven year old company that specializes in linking together Web-based software and services. In other words, Mashery is an API management service.

The focal point of the article reference circles around the idea that Intel no longer sees the computer as a silicon chip — now, they recognize the CPU as a network.

The article discusses the implications:

The same techniques that connect consumer apps, it turns out, also work well within large businesses. Comcast, for example, uses Mashery’s API management service to allow programmers to access internal systems. That’s a far more sensible way to create internal software than the alternative, which involves doing a lot of one-off integrations at considerable time and expense.

In addition to efficiency, a prime use case for APIs are eliminating any security risks a corporation has. We are seeing smart companies develop solutions such as Cogito API, which offers businesses concerned with avoiding risks the confidence in using a solution already embedded with corporate security measures.

Megan Feil, July 18, 2013

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