Natural Language Interface Transforms Search

August 8, 2013

Projections and opportunities are often forecasted for emerging technologies and natural language processing is no exception. We took a look back at an article from earlier in the year posted on Semantic Web: “Looking Ahead to a User Experience Transformed by Conversational Interfaces and NLP.” According to this article, software that is able to understand human intention will play a vital role in transforming business processes and search technology.

IBM distinguished engineer Currie Boyle is quoted as stating the following:

This ecosystem change is happening in the industry…discussing the desire for business dialogue management systems to try to determine the intent of a user seeking information and the intent of the author who wrote it, and matching the two by that intent, even if they don’t share the same words in common to express it. The applications range from consumer conversational and context-aware systems to business professionals finding answers in structured or unstructured data through via natural language interfaces to boosting call contact center performance with dialogue management.

Expert System solutions offer precise analytics using their core semantic search technologies. Their linguistic analysis capabilities enhance the extraction and application of data in the natural language interface.

Megan Feil, August 8, 2013

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