Imagining a World Without Open Source

August 9, 2013

Open source technology has made substantial changes to the culture of technology in a remarkably short period of time. Open source software started the movement and now open source is even moving into hardware. Wired covers the impact that open source had made in their article, “In a World Without Open Source.”

The article muses on what would happen if the world lacked open source:

“It’s thought-provoking when you consider software in this way, and a breathtaking demonstration of the power and influence of open source software (OSS) in our lives. If you’re a techie or a software developer, you know this and live it every day. But stop a moment to consider this: for the rest of the world, how deeply OSS has become a part of daily life, both in the enterprise and for consumers, is news.”

From mobile to financial services to automotive, open source impacts every area of our lives, and the article covers it all. And while open source touches consumers in ways they often don’t realize, enterprises know how dependent they are on open source technology each and every day. More and more enterprises of all shapes and sizes realize the need for open source, but turn to value-added solutions to save the hassle of having to build their infrastructure from scratch. LucidWorks for instance, offers LucidWorks Search and award-winning LucidWorks Big Data. These packages allow for multiple modes of deployment with full support and training offered by LucidWorks. It is the best of open source with the support and hassle-free implementation of a customized solution.

Emily Rae Aldridge, August 9, 2013

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