Study Reveals Social Data to be Isolated in Silos

August 13, 2013

When enterprise organizations understand the value of unstructured data, and especially the value of it when it is integrated with structured data, what kind of solutions do they utilize? According to a recent study by Altimeter Group reported in “Enterprise Social Data Isolated in Departmental Silos,” 42 percent of the 35 large organizations surveyed were using business intelligence tools. Other areas where data sets converged were market research at 35 percent, CRM at 27 percent, email marketing at 27 percent and sensor data at four percent.

The main argument presented by the article is that as long as people are working in departmental silos, information and data will be first and foremost stored in a way that parallels how people are organized.

We learned more about why some organizations face challenges when integrating data:

The report also revealed it’s not always easy to integrate this data, attributing the issue to the fact that so many organizational departments touch the data, ‘all with varying perspectives on the information,’ the article states, adding: ‘The report also notes the numerous nuances within social data make it problematic to apply general metrics across the board and, in many organizations, social data doesn’t carry the same credibility as its enterprise counterpart.’

We know that one company, Expert System, would have quite the rebuttal to this argument that unstructured data may not be worthy across the board for all departments. Their solution Cogito Intelligence API yields insights and actionable information after parsing both structured and structured data while using sentiment analysis and natural language processing technologies.

Megan Feil, August 13, 2013

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