Zylab Becomes First Provider to Offer Visual Classification in eDiscovery

August 29, 2013

Big Data is strongly impacting the way that we do business today and companies are continually coming out with better, more encompassing products to effectively utilize this unstructured data. The recent IDM article “ZyLAB offers visual classification for eDiscovery” explains how ZyLAB, a provider of eDiscovery and information management tools, will now be including visual classification and audio search within its suite of multi media data analytics tools.

The article states:

“ZyLAB’s Visual Classification automatically recognises pictures and identifies amongst others: people, babies, elderly people, flowers, cars, planes, in- and outdoor scenes, and many other concepts. The new functionality is perfectly usable for the identification of images of personal identifiable information (PII), potential intellectual property, handwritten notes, check’s, ID’s, and other information that otherwise cannot be recognised automatically.”

Zylab is currently the first provider to market this technology in the eDiscovery space and this helps streamline workflow processes.

Jasmine Ashton, August 29, 2013

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