Bing Offers Users a New Product Search

September 17, 2013

Microsoft’s version of search tries to remain competitive with Google, but lately it has been in the shadows compared to the new Google Glass and practically everything else the search giant does. Bing, however, had made the news again according to Search Engine Watch with the headline: “New Bing Product Search Launches.” The Bing team has decided to integrate shopping results into regular search results so users can see product features, specifications, reviews, related products, and make some more dough from those who pay to have their Web sites driven to the top.

Bing has also change the dashboard to feature three columns to display the shopping results:

· “The larger column will contain the main search results with the familiar blue links.

· The second column contains the Snapshot information complete with image, overview information, reviews related searches and paid ads.

· The third column is the Bing Social Sidebar, when users are signed in. The Social Sidebar adds information from Facebook, Klout and other social networks to help searchers make decisions based on friend or industry-leader recommendations.”

Bing denies that its new search is not pay-to-play and the results will not be skewed in favor of one Web site over another. Do we believe it? Who knows what goes on behind company doors? Paid ads will still appear in new shopping results and there is a new product ad option called Rich Captions for advertisers to add a meta description into search results. And there is the new way to make money. The new product feature has not launched yet, Bing is still tweaking the bugs.

Whitney Grace, September 17, 2013
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