Should Microsoft Axe SharePoint

October 8, 2013

This article’s title should be taken more as a question than a statement, but you might think differently after reading Meme Burn’s article, “Should Microsoft Kill SharePoint?” It says that Microsoft will delete SharePoint soon and organizations should start planning to adopt a cloud-based system. This comes from Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann, who spoke at the 2013 Gartner Symposium. He noted that that barely anyone likes using SharePoint, because content management needs to be babied and it is not easy migrating content from system to system. Search is probably not any easier.

Mann suggest that Microsoft should make SharePoint cloud-based platform (like we have not heard that before) and the Yammer partnership will help shape that future.

Mann has an idea for the future:

“He advises that company technologists should develop long-range plans for a post-SharePoint world now. ‘I would hold back on upgrades and new development and choose the cloud option whenever I need to add new functionality. Microsoft may or may not provide an easy way forward, but for anyone who’s invested heavily in customization it will never be painless.’”

We have heard that before too from Steve Arnold of Arnold IT who suggests whenever you need to make a search and content management change, that forming a long-range plan and implementing it in pieces is the surefire way to make new ideas work.

Whitney Grace, October 08, 2013


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