SharePoint Trends of 2013

January 10, 2014

SharePoint had a big year in 2013 as users settled in to their SharePoint 2013 deployments. In addition, Microsoft made a few significant announcements relating to the software. CMSWire covers all of the biggest SharePoint news in their article, “A Look Back: Yammer, Office 365, Mobile Dominate SharePoint in 2013.”

The article begins:

“Everyone that has had anything to do with SharePoint over the year has his own SharePoint story. With such a vast platform used in so many ways, everyone has something he loves and something he hates. The only thing everyone agrees on is to disagree. For my money, SharePoint this year was characterized by SharePoint and Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 and Mobile SharePoint.”

Stephen E. Arnold, a longtime leader in search, including enterprise, is a frequent contributor to the ongoing SharePoint discussion. His SharePoint coverage on is also reflective of the trends mentioned above. Along with the points in which Arnold is in agreement with the CMSWire article, he has also found that 2013 was a year in which many large SharePoint deployments turned to add-ons and third-party solutions in order to make SharePoint infrastructure work.

Emily Rae Aldridge, January 10, 2014

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